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Embark on a culinary adventure with our exclusive Nordic Dinner cooking and dining class

Denmark's culinary landscape boasts a wealth of classic ingredients, seasonal delights, and foraged treasures. In our immersive class, you'll dive into the heart of Danish and Nordic cuisine, crafting a three-course dinner inspired by traditional Danish classics and infused with innovative New Nordic cuisine.

Unlock the secrets of the Nordic kitchen as our instructors guide you through techniques and share tips on presentation, transforming your home-cooked dishes into works of art.

After your culinary creations take shape, we'll gather in the dining room to indulge in a feast of Nordic flavours. Savour each bite of this three course meal, served with wine

Join us in this gastronomic journey where you'll not only learn to cook but also embrace the essence of hygge, dining like a true Dane. Elevate your cooking prowess and relish the exquisite Nordic dining experience.

What is included

Includes welcome glass of sparkling wine, refreshments served while cooking (beer, wine or soda) and wine served with starter and main course, tea and coffee with dessert.

Harmonise seasonal Nordic produce and flavours for a culinary symphony.

Blend classic Danish dishes with the modern flair of the New Nordic Kitchen.

Elevate your skills in plating, decorating, and serving stunning dishes.

Experience the joy of dining and "hygge", just like a true Dane.

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About Copenhagen Cooking Class

CPH Cooking Class was created from our love for great food, nostalgia for the traditional Danish kitchen, and inspiration from our Nordic neighbours.  We think there’s no better way to share the cosiness and best of the Danish and Nordic kitchen than to invite you into our kitchen.

We love being in the kitchen and making food.  And it’s our belief that interacting and learning about food are really simple ways for cultural exchange and bringing people together. We offer hands-on cooking classes, taught in English,  so you can not only learn about Danish food traditions, but enjoy a truly local experience whilst visiting wonderful Copenhagen.

We really look forward to offering you a warm welcome and a friendly environment.
Join us for a cooking and dining experience, share an intimate and social side of the Danish food scene, participate with colleagues in a team building exercise, or experience a private class for a personal lesson with real foodies.

Come join us for great food, inspiring recipes and a fun time in the kitchen.

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From DKK 1,100/guest
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From DKK 1,100/guest